“Today’s technology to maximise marketing potential has its place, there’s no doubt – and in many instances the solutions it can provide are valuable. However, in recent years I’ve seen the marketing dial continually shift more toward the ‘how’ of technology rather than the ‘why’, and with it the marginalisation of creativity, empathy, of true emotional attachment. It was great to read Klive’s refreshing proposition to the marketplace demonstrating their grasp of the good behind technology coupled with the longer term value of the power of brand, recognising that the future of technology and brand is still human.
In my role, there is always pressure to deliver ROI as one might expect – however this is coupled with mounting pressure to engage with technology to deliver that ROI. I believe Klive’s proposition is very engaging as it bridges the chasm, considers short time success as well a long term brand engagement and creativity.
And let’s not overlook the key offering; the proposed line up steering Klive. I’d be very interested to discuss how Klive could help shape and build on our customer engagement successes and help us start to turn the dial back the other way.”

Kevin Corcoran, Innovation Lead
UKI, Brand Marketing & Communications at EY.