Yes Klive has full time creatives. But we also have our akademy.
Think of it a bit like a Deliveroo or an Uber or even Airb&b.
We have a massive pool of all kinds of brandactivists at our disposal. Genuine free-thinking problem solvers to make sure we arrive at the very best creative outcome. Magicians, geeks, artists, videographers, producers, writers, directors, techies, designers, promoters,
illustrators, developers, games designers, musicians, editors, animators, journos, technical writers, art directors, creative strategists, VJs, DJs, thinkers, dreamers, doers. And even a poet.

All-in-all we have 36 brandactivists already signed up in the akademy and it’s growing all the time.

This obviously gives us amazing depth, breadth, agility and ability to make sure we deliver truly original and brilliant creative solutions.
Every time.